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Purchase & Licensing

About Why We Do It? My Photography Philosphy

No matter what a photographer says, we are all "Hunters".  The main reason why we are photographers is to capture...we are hunters of someone, something,an event, a moment, etc., in an image - or as we said in the olden days, on "film".  

We do it for the love of the capture - therefore, we are hunters.  I believe, in all of us photographers, there's a streak of competition to get "the one" - whatever that "one" may be for us.  It's different for every individual.  We are people in which it's never "good enough".  We are always striving to do better in our composition, editing, and final product so that we can ultimately share our capture.  Whether it's with a loved one, a friend or family member, on social media or even with those unknown to us - maybe like you?  

The pinnacle for us, is for people to like, no, love, our work SO much that they actually want to spend money for it and hang it on their wall, place it on their desk, put it on a side table, for all in their world to see.  What higher praise?  None! That is what we strive for.  

With that said, if you're interested in purchasing or licensing any of my work - here's the scoop.

Purchasing My Photographic Artwork

I sell my photographic artwork on the Fine Art America (FAA) website.  Fine Art America not only allows a purchaser to buy my photographs in a variety of print formats such as paper, canvas, metal, acrylic and more...but also in a variety of items in which the purchaser can customize the product such as tote bags, beach towels, phone cases, mugs, greeting cards and so much more.  Fine Art America is a wonderful website that makes selling our visions to the public a whole lot easier while providing the purchaser a quality product.  My goal is that you fall in love with a precious moment I've captured that you can share with other or keep it yourself  to enjoy for many years to come.  

Some of my friends and family have already used FAA to order my photography and I have gotten nothing but great reviews from them.  They were able to place their orders quickly, prices are very reasonable, shipping was fast, and most importantly, the product quality is fantastic!  

I'm so glad that I am now partnering with Fine Art America so you the customer will have a great shopping experience.  However, if you ever have a problem or need assistance with your order, please don't hesitate to contact me using the contact form on the home page or just email me at melodybentzphotography@gmail.com and I will respond ASAP.  

Mahalo for your business and I hope that you enjoy your purchase of Melody Bentz Photography.  

Aloha from Paradise!

License My Photographic Artwork

You can also license my photography through Fine Art America (isn't that great!).  FAA takes case of all the contracting on my behalf with you.  So, please visit my Fine Art America artist's page and if you're interested in licensing my photo(s), please follow the instructions there.  Again, if you have any questions, please email me.