My Photography Story backstory

I’ve always been an enthusiast about photography, even back in the day of scrapbooking when I would constantly snap pictures of my son and the occasional husband and golden retriever doing cute and weird things that were always wonderful.  But that was the day and age pre-DSLR when you would cross your fingers when you dropped off your film to the local drug store and hope that a few decent pictures would come out to preserve some moments in family history.  

But move ahead 20-30 years (my son is now 36 years old) when my passion for photography seriously began about 4 years ago, just a short time after I moved to Hawaii.  It's then that I discovered the magic of new photography and I made my first purchase of a Canon DSLR. This is when the world of digital really opened my eyes to what was possible with photography. I now had this camera that could take a seemingly unlimited number of photos of anything that I wanted. How great was that?

It really took off about 2 years ago when we moved to our “bungalow on the beach” on Iroquois Point.  Living at the entrance to Pearl Harbor channel with a direct view of Diamond Head, sunrises and sunsets that make you cry, wildlife everywhere, and mountains and ocean just beckoning for a picture to be taken, photography just naturally became my obsession. training and challenges

I am a self-taught photographer who has relied on much practice, many hours of photo shoots, and some great on-line tutorials to hone my craft.  My unusual situation, and this is hard for me to write, is that I am for the most part legally blind which presents, as you can well imagine, many challenges for me.  Happily, despite these challenges, my photographs are beautiful and have been recognized on several international photography sites as the cover photo or photo of the day.  They have also received accolades from well-respected photographers.  In fact, sometimes I believe my photos may be better because of my disability, since a lot of the time I must be more creative and careful to capture and develop the shot just right.  

Despite many hurdles, I am a strong photographer with a good eye for composition and a talent for post-production processing.  I don’t lean on programs like photoshop to bring my photos to life, you could say that I’m more of a purist.  I only use basic equipment and post-production software for my photographs and my more creative painted photos and illustrations.

What photography evokes in me

Photography is a great journey, but it’s a costly and timely one.  It's a 24-hour opportunity to capture shots…sunrises, sunsets, moonrise, moonsets, landscapes, wildlife, Milky Way, you name it – something photo-worthy happens all day long!  Not to mention the constant traveling from coast to coast so your photography palette doesn't get boring. It’s a joke among photographers that “we’ll sleep tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes.”  It’s the price we pay to find our holy grail, the money shot, the “one”…if it ever comes.  

But it’s how much fun I have capturing moments and emotions, seeing things I would normally never look for, looking deep into the woods or into the center of a flower, watching light as it casts its shadows in such a way that reflections are your new best friend.   Exploring a lagoon, capturing a monk seal basking in the sun, seeing turtles play beneath the ocean’s surface, or watching an aircraft carrier glide over its surface for the first time.  Whatever the moment or whatever the topportunity, photography is exciting.  

After the capture, there’s no better surprise then when you sit down at the computer to download your photos and they fly up on the screen and you’re amazed at what you saw and doubly amazed at what you didn’t see.  These experiences with nature and the world and the connection I have with them are so satisfying to me that I know photography will be in my life for a long time…as long as my eyes will allow me to see clearly through the lens of the camera, I will keep clicking and capturing moments and emotions so that they will not be forgotten.  

Beautiful Hawaii is the perfect place for me since my favored subjects are nature, landscapes, wildlife, architecture, astrophotography and the occasional military capture.  When you look at my portfolio it is my hope that you will feel my passion through my photography and recognize how I beautifully and uniquely I capture my subjects in every photo.   What started out as a hobby is eventually becoming a career. 

Mahalo for visiting my website and reading my story!!