Melody Bentz "The Photographer"

Aloha, I am Melody Bentz, of Melody Bentz Photography.  My passion for photography began a little over 4 years ago, just a short time after we moved to Iroquois Point...our bungalow on the beach.  Living at the entrance to Pearl Harbor and directly across from Diamond Head and Honolulu presented an abundance and variety of amazing photo opportunities from sunrises and sunsets to marine life and militaria.  


Since volunteering to help watch over the Hawaiian Monk Seals in early 2017, I have gained a passion to learn about them and photograph them at the same time.  I spend many hours watching over them on the beach ensuring they are protected and performing public outreach and education when the need arises.  In late 2017, I started volunteering with the White Tern Citizen Science project.  It didn't take long for me to fall in love with the Manu o ku or Honolulu City Bird.  Everyday I am learning more and more about these beautiful birds through my photography.  As part of the program, I have "photo documented" many chicks over the past several months in which the photos will be used to study and research this species further so we can better understand them - how they interact between adults and chicks, where and what they feed, mating habits and so much more.  Everyday I am with them is thrilling and I believe it shows in my photography.  My passion for photographing wildlife grows with each passing day that I sit and work with my "subjects".  


I am a self-taught “photog” who relies on much practice and many hours of photo shoots and tutorials to hone my craft.  My unusual situation is that I am for the most part legally blind in one eye and struggle with multiple eye diseases in the other which present many challenges for me.  Happily, even with these challenges, my photographs are well composed and beautiful.  They have been recognized internationally and in local print.      Despite my hurdles, I am a strong photographer with a good eye for composition and a talent for post-production processing and creativity, giving my clients the best product possible.  It is my hope that you get enjoyment from my photos and feel my passion through how I beautifully and uniquely capture my subjects.  Mahalo Nui!  Melody Bentz Photography, Ewa Beach, Hawaii 

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It's finally here!  My blog started on November 27, 2018.  I hope that it will be a "daily" thing but I'm not sure.  But I invite you to check it out and hope you like it!



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